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Interior Design

Interior Design
cdt. Commercial Interiors

Creative interior design to harness your space's maximum potential

Our in-house design team consider the needs and desires of the people who will occupy your space when creating the perfectly designed interior. After all, they're the people who matter.

Ensuring alignment with budgetary constraints and agreed-upon timescales is paramount to our approach to any interior design project.

cdt. Commercial Interiors

We're much more than just office interior designers.

While our expertise lies in designing modern, eye-catching commercial office interiors, we also excel in a multitude of other interior design services, ensuring we can cater to your unique requirements.

Having a conversation with us regarding your interior design project will be the best decision you'll make.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to modernise my interior but need help figuring out where to start. Can you help me?

We're here for you, not just to provide a design service but also to help you decide where to start and advise you on the best way forward.

Let's start a conversation, and we'll do what we can to help your project get off to the best start.

Do you outsource your interior design?

Certainly not. We like to make sure we can provide the best possible service, and that's why our interior designers are based in our offices in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and they're always hard at work on projects all across the UK.

What experience do you have in interior design?

We have extensive experience creating stunning interiors in offices, retail premises, medical centres, and other spaces.

Here are a few of our favourite projects that we've worked on over the years:

If you would like to see a particular type of interior design example, contact us. We've got plenty of projects to demonstrate our expertise.


Here is just a taste of interior design projects we've had the pleasure of working on.

Interior Design

Let's discuss your interior design requirements

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