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Fenchurch Law

Client: Dthree Studio   Designer: Dthree Studio

Fenchurch Law

When approached to transform the 5th floor at Tailors Corner in Leeds into a fit-for-purpose law firm for Fenchurch Law, we knew we were the right people for the job. The project began with client & designers Dthree Studio, who presented us with the design and inspiration so we could get right to work with a turnkey fit-out solution. Professional and smart, but filled with personality.

A complete conversion, Fenchurch Law is now a functional office space equipped with traditional workstations, stylish meeting rooms and vibrant breakout spaces. Somewhere to work, somewhere to get inspired and somewhere to take a rest. 

Additionally, you’ll see sophisticated, internal finishes & furniture to compliment the space. The finished product is an agile workspace that looks and feels the part. 

Take a walk through to see Fenchurch Law in a new light.

1570 sq ft

Tailors Corner,5th Floor, Leeds